StopsBleeding™ doesn't burn or cauterize the wound—instead, it concentrates the platelets and other clotting factors in the blood to form a rapidly accelerated clot the way the body naturally would. StopsBleeding™ is safe in the wound. Don't be without it!


  • Clots Blood on Contact
  • FDA Cleared for Moderate to Severe Bleeding
  • Safe in the Wound
  • StopsBleeding™ Works for Even the Worst Cuts or Wounds
  • Take the Fear Out of Bleeding
  • Non-Stinging, Soothing, Hypoallergenic, Sterile, Safe and Affordable
  • Absolutely Works for People on Blood Thinners

USES: Enhances any first aid kit, home, cars, motorcycles, RVs, air travel, bikes, hiking (especially remote), hunting, fishing, camping, use on pets, EMS and ER applications, Military field applications, Industrial settings (reduce reportables). And all patients on blood thinner patients should have this on their person at all times.


  • Andy R.
    "A cut just inside my nose would constantly open for many years. Even a dryness in the air could start it bleeding. In January 2016 I used some on the cut when the bleeding started. It stopped the bleeding quickly. But the BEST PART is Stopsbleeding actually allowed the wound to completely heal and close. I have not had one bleed in my nose since."
    Andy R.
    St Paul, MN
  • Howard W.
    "I cut off part of my finger using my table saw and was able to stop the bleeding with just one 20 gram pouch of StopsBleeding™ and I am on blood thinners — it really works!"
    Howard W.
    Waynesboro, PA
  • Alex S.
    "A heavy steel plate fell on my ankle and severed my artery. With just 30 grams of Stopsbleeding and applying pressure the bleed was completely stopped. It turned a situation of sheer to joking and laughing on the way to the ER."
    Alex S.
    Houston, TX

Man died while camping alone in the Minnesota Boundary Waters. Was he devoured by wolves?

"It likely meant that a well-versed outdoorsman, someone who knew the risks and only dared after he mastered them, made a catastrophic nick or slip of a blade. It also meant he died alone with his fatal mistake, having called no one for help."

A fatal cut? (could StopsbleedingTM have changed this outcome?)

Don’t be without StopsbleedingTM


1Can I use this on my children?
StopsbleedingTM is safe to use on children and will not burn or sting.
2What does the expiration mean?
All StopsbleedingTM pouches are sterilized. The expiration on package is for product sterility.
3Does StopsbleedingTM work after the expiration date?
StopsbleedingTM does work the same after the expiration date, however sterility is no longer guaranteed.
4If a pouch is opened and can the remaining amount be used at a later date?
Yes, StopsbleedingTM will work after a pouch is opened, however the contents are no longer sterile. Suggestion: fold the opening over and use a paperclip or binderclip to reseal the pouch.
5If I am alone can use StopsbleedingTM on a cut?
StopsbleedingTM absolutely can be applied if you are alone. Apply the product generously on the wound and maintain pressure until the bleeding stops. For serious wounds always seek medical attention as soon as possible.


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